Release cycle for EpochX

EpochX is making a gradual move towards much more rigorous software development processes. In line with this, the release numbering system to be used is described below. The timing of releases will continue to be on an 'as ready' basis, but an effort is being made to make bug fix releases more often.

All releases will be given a version number of the form x.y[.z].

  • x - major release, including many new features and typically large structural changes. From version 2.0 onwards, only major releases should have incompatibilities with earlier versions.
  • y - minor feature release, including additions to the API, enhancements and other new features that do not break compatibility. Each minor release up to version 2.0 is likely to break compatibility as we attempt to finalise the design.
  • z - bug fix release. No new features, only bug fixes or other corrections. Typically only a small number of changes in a release to reduce time between versions. Major and minor releases will typically omit the final '.0' from the version number.