R Interpreter extension

This R Interpreter can be used with EpochX to allow the evolution of programs in the R programming language using either of the two built-in grammar representations (XGR and XGE). Thanks to Joe Fazzari for providing this.


For EpochX version Download
1.2+ zip | tar


  • This uses the open source Java/R bridge, JRI, which is part of the rJava package within the R ecosystem.
  • The download includes one jar called rinterpreter-epochx-1.2.jar which should be on the classpath.
  • The contents of the src and lib directories is packaged into the above jar.
  • JRI.dll must be accessible on java library path (VM option "java.library.path")
  • Local installation of R required, which will usually result in R_HOME env var being set to the install directory, otherwise it needs to be set explicitly before startup
  • Full documentation of JRIEngine available here.