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You will need Java JDK 6 or later to use EpochX.

Latest Beta Release

EpochX version 2.0 is nearly ready for full release! A beta release of the core framework is now available (below). The core framework provides the evolutionary algorithm and the necessary infrastructure for supporting the evolution of solutions in any representation. Separate modules to support common representations for individuals such as strongly-typed tree GP will be made available shortly.

Version Release JavaDoc
2.0b1 (core only) zip | tar html 2012-07-09

Latest Stable Release

In line with a general stablising of the software, EpochX is moving towards a more consistent release cycle, and version numbering system. Version 1.4 is the latest release, and the recommended version for all new users. Existing users should check the 1.4 release notes before upgrading to 1.4+ since it is not backwards compatible.

Version Release JavaDoc
1.4.1 zip | tar html 2011-06-17

Older Releases

These releases are older stable releases. They are listed here for completeness but it is highly recommended that new users use the latest release.

Version Release JavaDoc
1.4 zip | tar html 2011-02-04
1.3.3 zip | tar html 2011-02-04
1.3.2 zip | tar html 2010-12-05
1.3.1 zip | tar html 2010-11-09
1.3 zip | tar html 2010-10-20
1.2.1 zip | tar html 2010-08-27
1.2 zip | tar html 2010-08-21
1.1.1 zip | tar html 2010-04-14
1.0.1 zip | tar html 2009-11-25
1.0 zip | tar html 2009-11-03


The following downloads can be used to extend the functionality of EpochX.

Extension Compatible with Description
R Interpreter 1.2+ For evaluating evolved programs in the R programming language.